By downloading, installing, or using any product from Behemoth Audio LLC, you agree to be bound by these terms.

1. License:

A. Behemoth Audio LLC owns all samples, sounds, instruments, scripts, images, and graphics included in the product.
B. By purchasing this product, you are granted a single license to use the included sounds in a musical context, for commercial or non-commercial purposes. A single license cannot be shared between multiple users. The sounds and software may be installed on 2 computers, provided they are used only by 1 user.
C. The sounds included must be used as part of a musical composition. The included sounds, samples, scripts, graphics, and all content are prohibited from being used in any sample library, sample pack, sound design library, construction kit, or virtual instrument of any kind.

2. Software Protection:
You agree not to deconstruct, decompile, decrypt, reverse-engineer or otherwise modify the script or software included in the product. You also agree not to upload any part of the product to any sharing services, torrent sites, or servers.

3. Ownership:
The product, software, and any included audio recordings, graphics, programming, scripts, and other intellectual property are licensed, not sold, to you. Ownership of all content is retained by Behemoth Audio LLC.

4. Refunds and Transfers:

A. Behemoth Audio LLC will not provide refunds once the product and files have been downloaded.
B. Product Licenses are non-transferable.